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WARNING! This blog deals with sexually explicit themes and subjects and therefore should not be viewed by minors. All images are assumed to be public domain. I do not claim ownership of anything but the photos of myself and if you are a copyright holder and wish me to remove something, please contact me and I will do so with all haste and apologies.
I started this blog in support of my writing on Literotica.com. I'm here partly to promote, discuss and talk about my thought process as I write. I will also talk a little bit about my thoughts, fantasies, and experiences whether they end up in a story necessarily or not.
I am a pansexual polyamarous switch as is the husband and it informs my writing on BDSM and group relations.
There is one other thing I make a strong point about. I am a feminist. I also believe that BDSM is not inherently anti-feminist and in fact can be practiced in a completely feminist manner. My writings and my posts reflect this opinion. I do not support blogs that promote female inferiority or those that kink shame. Anything else you would like to know-just ask!

You know what you will find Sir


You know what you will find Sir

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hmm schön zu tragen  ;-)

Will ich haben

Love to find a partner who would wear this

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